Sex is a natural phenomenon but it is greatly exaggerated in our fantasies and media. In fact the reality of sex when it comes to ‘normal’ couples is very different from the reality of sex in relationships.

Studies show that one of the main factors holding couples back from having sex regularly is the fear that it isn’t genetic enough, this is especially true with the husband. Studies also show that this myth is constantly changing with time and again and women are very much modern people in this respect holding that size is of secondary importance.

Studies also show that there different physical causes to the issue. 빨리 세우는 법 The most common one is that the size of the male sexual organ is too small to enable him to satisfy his partner fully and many women are shocked when they discover that it is the size of their men that is preventing them from having sex.

So does size matter and does penetration equal enough?

The short answer is it doesn’t but it should. Many women do not realize that their inability to reach orgasm is actually related to a smaller than average sized penis. It is a lot easier for a man to satisfy a woman in a conventional sexual encounter but as history has shown time and again, large size does not always ensure optimum pleasure.

It is actually the women who are making a compromise with the male advantage in the genital area as they usually want to have both parties achieve satisfaction. As it is important to satisfy the women to get to the satisfaction they want and it is not often noticed, but it is a common fact that a lot of women can not have orgasm during intercourse.

So does the size of the penis make any difference in sex, the answer is yes and no. Many people often argue that size does make some difference and there are various reasons for that. Its for the reason that a man can hold his own orgasm for longer which ultimately saves energy and reduces suffering.

Women on the other hand don’t hold an orgasm as long as men do and lack of orgasm on a regular basis can put a great stress on a relationship.

The size of the penis is not important isaying this, what is important is the satisfaction of the partner. And the size of the penis is totally irrelevant in the matter. About 95% of complainants in sex surveys say that size is not a problem and is your average size or just slightly below. The other 5% are actually satisfied with their sex life but are not really happy with their partners ability to reach orgasm.

Sex is in the brain and the brain sends many signals to the body in terms of sexual stimulation. It is really the mind that determines whether we reach the height of sexual pleasure or not. So if your head is not completely in the moment you might not be able to reach the maximum pleasure you can get. The simplest way around this is to relax and be yourself.

The other big factor is belief. If a man has a beliefs that he is not adequate enough or does not know how to satisfy a woman then this can be the outcome. The only thing to do now is to question your beliefs and have a meaningful conversation with your partner toaldiscover what is ultimately working for you.