Very few things for the average person raise as many questions as sex myths. The sex myths we will examine here are those brought about through wishful thinking, ignorance and ignorance combined with purposefully malevolent media influence.

1. Men don’t want sex as much as women

Many men appear to be unaware of the ‘sex myth’ label. However the simple fact is that men and women don’t relate sexually, we’re simply different.

In the first place, it is unreasonable to imagine that either gender needs ‘sex’ to make babies. If it was as simple as that then we would not tolerate the incest taboo, 비아그라 정품 구매 we would have no reason for Lady Wheeley’s Dance and no reason for the men to mutter about Michael Jackson.

It is also quite wrong to assume that men are always ready for sex. Just as women can have a fantasy about a man appearing naked, the man can have a no-touch orgasm.

With this in mind, men need female orgasm more than women do. Otherwise they would have sex with you whether you wanted it or not.

2. If I don’t have sex soon enough, I will go mad

Women do not run away from sex in fear. It is a common myth that men are lying or having an affair.

The myth here is that a man will become unstable without sex and that he will become irrational if he doesn’t get it. This is completely untrue.

Men have the same rhythm of sex as women do, they just have to learn more about it. Unfortunately many men put so much pressure on their women to perform that it drives many women crazy.

3. It is perfectly normal for men to masturbate

Many men do masturbate but this is certainly not typical for the average couple. It is however reasonably common.

4. Men should never stop having sex during sex

The previous two myths were about male masturbation and therefore this one is not about your man masturbating. This myth simply states that sex needs to end, either by masturbation or by ‘ accident’. A man does not need to stop having sex during sex; he is very likely to have an orgasm every time.

5. The answer is always sex

No, the answer is never no. Setting aside for a moment the fact that men can have more than one orgasm in one session, they can certainly have many orgasms in one hour.

Men are very understanding of a woman’s orgasmic ability. So, if your man understands that it will take some time to orgasm, then why not wait until tonight for sex? Or why not just skip tonight and go straight for tomorrow night? We are lazy and save money!

Ignoring the male orgasm for one hour is therefore the answer. saves time and money! And on a side note, what does it really matter if men orgasm at a different rate to women? How is that a ‘problem’?

Time should not matter as long as orgasms are the main concern of both parties. And while orgasms are a really nice thing, we should leave them till last. Setting a man up for failure in bed by holding him to account for his orgasm will prove to be a very time consuming task. After all; if men have an orgasm, then it’s no longer an issue whether they have to pay for the next meal.

The maxim that the more BJ’s or minutes the man can hold the more satisfying orgasm is almost there but like most things in this life, it’s just a myth. If you can keep an erection and continue having sex then what’s the point of sex?

So, as you can see, there are a few instances where holding off an orgasm is perfectly acceptable. However when you are having sex and your orgasm is about to come, keep your penis out of the vagina as much as possible.

Note: Don’t feel bad if your man orgasms really quickly. Sometimes this is the way it is meant to be and just think of having sex… got it? Of course you don’t! So just don’t mind it.

Good luck!